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SafePass Clean Air 1000g Air Handler

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SafePass Clean Air 1000g Air Handler Insert

For the savvy consumer who needs clean air on a larger scale, SafePass has a solution: The SafePass Clean Air 1000g Air Handler Insert. This 2lb item is ideal for large air handlers or blowers within industrial HVAC systems. Works best with units capable of 4,000-10,000 Lt/s of air propulsion. Easily sanitizes air for up to 8,600 square feet (800 square meters). Lasts for 4-12 weeks depending on size of duct system, with inserts lasting longer in smaller systems.

Provide attendants and patrons of your institution with a safe, natural defense against Covid 19, flu, mold, and a myriad of harmful microbes. Let SafePass Solutions 100% natural, non-toxic product keep your business running at full capacity.

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